Tamara Scarlett

Licensed Massage Practitioner and Registered Counselor.
License numbers- MA4019 & RC49012   
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In 1986 while on a break from working on my MA in Psychology at Antioch University in Seattle I began having dreams at night about massage even though I had never received massage before and knew little about it.  These dreams led me to sign up for training at Brian Utting's School of Massage in Seattle and  I graduated and became licensed in the spring of 1988 and have been practicing in Seattle ever since. Giving thousands of massages and taking hundreds of hours of additional workshops has given me a wide and deep pool of resources to draw upon in my work.


Also while at Antioch I was introduced to Arny Mindell's Process Work (also known as Dreambody Work, or Process Oriented Psychology) which is a body centered approach with roots in Quantum Physics, Taoism, Shamanism, and Jungian Psychology.  This approach has been an ongoing source of fascination, learning, inspiration, and transformation for me these past 24 years and it deeply influences every aspect of my life and work. In January 2009 I received a Certificate in Process Work from the PW Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Other sources that influence and inspire me are my life long love of art and creativity (I majored in Fine Arts at the University of Colorado and have experience using various art therapies), and a Sufi based healing philosophy called Raphaelite Work developed by Himayat Inayati.

Traits and Philosophy: 

My lively curiosity, a deep respect for people's uniqueness and amazing experiences, and a fundamental reverence and awe for Life and nature greatly influence how I approach and interact with people.

I deeply believe that all symptoms and problems have the potential to be our allies and can bring meaning and richness and relief to our lives if we explore them with curiosity and respect.

Fundamentally I believe that healing already exists within each of us and is not something imparted to us from outside ourselves. My intention as a "healer" is to bring my skills and presence to help orient people to the Life, Teacher, Healing and Creativity that exists within each of us.

I have no particular protocol that I use in every session or with every person. I am happy to focus on pain relief, injury recovery, relaxation, breath, awareness, creative expression (using visual art, movement, writing, or sound), or whatever needs you have in the moment.  Sessions can consist entirely of hands on massage, Craniosacral work, or Process Work (on or off the table), or any combination of these things. My bottom line is to be of service to each person and I welcome input and feedback.


I have been swimming regularly since 1984 (swam competitively as a kid), and I love to walk, hike, observe and absorb the natural world, wrestle with personal, community, and global problems, do Kundalini Yoga, read (all sorts of things!), write, "do art", listen to music, socialize, sleep, dream, meditate, and meet each moment with delight… I also enjoyed being a hospice volunteer.

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