Tamara Scarlett

Licensed Massage Practitioner and Registered Counselor.
License numbers- MA4019 & RC49012   
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June 17-19, 2011: Awakening to Beauty:  a weekend retreat with Tamara Scarlett-Lyon and David Rynick, using digital photography as a portal for deepening awareness and unfolding meaning and richness of the moment. La Push, WA at the Ocean Park Resort. sliding scale $150-$300 plus lodging. questions or registration: redcatfam@earthlink.net



For information on personal individualized retreat facilitation go to my other website:



For more information on Process Work

www.aamindell.net        and       www.processwork.org

For info on Sufism:

www.sufiorder.org    and     www.sufihealingorder.org

www.theraphaelitework.com   and    www.universal-awakening.org

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