Tamara Scarlett

Licensed Massage Practitioner and Registered Counselor.
License numbers- MA4019 & RC49012   
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                                              MASSAGE  THERAPY

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                                                                  PROCESS WORK inner exploration


Whether you are just browsing, considering receiving your first massage or Process Work session, or bodywork is already an enriching part of your life I hope you will find something useful here at palmpresence.com.


Please contact me by phone or email if you have questions, feedback, or want to book a session.


Because Process Work is better experienced than described, i offer a free initial half hour session (by phone or in person) to give you a taste of this body centered way of exploring symptoms and disturbances of any kind.



for people of all ages from young children to the most senior Seniors, as well as pregnant women, athletes, musicians/artists/actors/dancers, people recovering from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, people who have been injured or have acute or chronic pain, as well as people who already feel good but enjoy feeling even better!


MASSAGE and hands on body work can help diminish Sleep Problems, Digestive Problems, Headaches, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Strain/Sprain Pain, Jaw pain, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Postural Problems, Trauma Related Problems, and much more.

PROCESS WORK is an affirming, non-pathologically oriented way of increasing your awareness of what you are noticing in and around you in the moment in order to both enrich your experience of being alive as well as to make symptoms and problems feel less troublesome.This approach assists you in discovering, trusting and following the wisdom inherent within you.


Whether offering sessions on or off the table, my primary aim is to serve and be present with you and to tailor sessions to your particular needs and comfort level. The bottom line is that you leave the session feeling supported and enriched and on some level more at ease with your life and your body.


Some people like being quiet during massage sessions. Others like to talk about whatever is on their minds whether it be the daily news, dreams, or personal matters. Some want my verbal input and suggestions and guidance while others prefer processing inwardly. Others don't want to process at all and simply want a mini vacation to fully relax and not think about anything. Some people fall asleep. Some people cry or laugh or twitch or shake or sweat or snore.  I welcome and honor whatever emerges.


While I have been practicing since 1988 and have hundreds of hours of training and many tools and skills to offer, I approach each person with respect and curiosity and trust that together we will discover what is most needed in each session rather than relying on a rigid formulaic treatment plan. I strive to notice and follow signals and feedback in the moment and look to these for guidance. I love my work and feel honored to meet every person who comes my way.


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